All natural cough drop pops for sick kiddos (I swear by these!)

This just in.  We’ve been sick for one million years.  And, there seems to be no end in sight.  I’m hopeful that we can get our bodies back to a healthy place, but when you have a kid in preschool…well, I don’t need to tell you.

What I can tell you is that these all natural cough drop pops are MY JAM when we’ve got a cough all up in our house for like a month.  I purchase the 3-pack for $19.99 and they last for a while if you use them sparingly.  As you can see in the pic above we are on EMPTY, so I just ordered another 3 packs.

I don’t like to feed my daughter a lot of candy (you don’t want to see this kid jacked up on “the sauce”, believe me) but I do like to give her special “treats” when she’s sick. I love that this little “treat” is also made from two ingredients (all natural honey and marshmallow root) and works double-time in soothing her throat when she’s been up all night coughing (which was last night, ps).

All natural cough drop pops for sick kiddos I swear by these

There are a bunch of these pops out there, but I’ve only tried Lilapops so far. They taste amazing (OMG) and have no artificial dyes, flavors, preservatives, dairy, egg, or wheat.  I save them up for when she’s sick, but every so often when she wants a “wally pop” (please dear God, let her call them “Wally Pops” for eternity), I don’t feel bad giving her one because I know EXACTLY what’s in it.

Best part?  They were created by a Mom of three, so when you’re buying from her, you’re supporting her business (and dreams) and also making your kid feel better.

Let me know if you give em’ a try (or have another version you love).  I might be interested in making my own, but they are just so easy to buy 🙂


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