House Tour: A simple master bedroom

Every parent needs an escape.  It doesn’t matter if you have one kid or ten kids or you’ve been named Mother of the Year.  Parenting is tough stuff.  It’s exhausting and we all need a space to recharge even for 5 minutes.  A simple, peaceful master bedroom (equipped with all the luxuries…like hidden snacks) is the perfect place to regroup.

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I’ve thought about starting a house tour series for a while now – I’m by no means a designer or fancy decorator, but I get lots of compliments on my style when people swing by for a visit, so why not?

House Tour A simple master bedroom

This is our real, lived-in master bedroom.  I didn’t remove anything for the purposes of a good shot or stage anything in particular (why, hello there air purifier plugged into the wall and child locks on the nightstands).  This is how our bedroom looks every day (well, you know…on the days I decide to make the bed).


One of my favorite parts of our master bedroom is the wall color.  When we purchased the house our bedroom was pink…like, so pink.  I knew I wanted to do something DARK and was stoked the hubs was on board with this moody, charcoal grey.

House Tour A simple master bedroom

I love how it pops against the wainscoting (is that what that’s called?) and our super fancy artwork (aka, the very first project my daughter created in pre-school in a cheap frame from a cheap-o store).  Since it was so dark I wanted to make sure the majority of the fixtures were white.  We got the lamp at Homegoods. But, since there was so much white on the bottom of the walls, I wanted a bit of color in our nightstands.  We got those at Ikea and changed out the nobs because the originals were kinda boring.

House Tour A simple master bedroom


I like to sleep in a nest, so we have just shy of 72 thousand blankets and pillows dressing our bed.  When we purchased the house we splurged on a king size bed (and when I say “splurge”  I mean we purchased the mattress and frame from IKEA and called it a day).  Either way, it works great for us (a King size bed is the most magical thing to have in a master bedroom in my opinion).

House Tour A simple master bedroom

My decorating style isn’t too feminine, but I do like to add a girly touch here or there.  I purchased this ruffle pillow to add a little romance and its one of my favorite things in our bedroom.

I am a grown women who uses a weighted blanket to sleep and its fabulous

Our down comforter is from IKEA, the quilt is from West Elm (another clearance number) and the striped pillow shams are from IKEA (there’s a matching duvet, but duvets are SO annoying, so I don’t always have it on the bed).  The grey “quilty” thing on top is actually a 15 lb weighted blanket. I proudly sleep underneath that bad boy three weeks per month.


I can’t say I have a particular style – I mean, if I do, I have no clue how to define it.  I like clean lines and minimalist patterns with a few bohemian and vintage accents.  This rug was one of the first things I purchased for the space and it has no purpose in our master bedroom other than adding a pop of color, texture and style.  So, I guess that’s purpose.

House Tour A simple master bedroom

I purchased it on sale and I absolutely love the way it looks against our original pine floors (an 1800’s house has so much character)!

House Tour A simple master bedroom

Since there isn’t much color in the room, I added this fake orchid.  Why am I adding fake plants you wonder?

Well…we have two very feisty kitties so we can’t have real plants in the house.  Also, I’m a plant murderer, so there’s that.  If you’re also the grim reaper of the plant world, but desperately want plants in your house, I wrote a post that has a few hardy plant ideas here.

Just so happens the mug that I forgot to take down to the kitchen matches the decor.

Yey, me!

House Tour A simple master bedroom

This corner.  I mean, it’s just the corner of a room, but its one of my favorite corners of the room.  I can’t do anything fancy there, but I love the way it makes me feel.  Calm.  Chill.  Calm.  Chill.

House Tour A simple master bedroom

The curtains are another cheap IKEA buy.  We have blackout shades (because I sleep like a vampire) and I wanted a whimsical, flowy panel to serve as part of the decor.  We’ve got another fake plant and a few souvenirs we scavenged from Costa Maya and Hondorous on our Honeymoon!


I know I’m going to be faced with opposition here, but as a former TV in the bedroom gal, who no longer has a TV in my bedroom?  I encourage you to give it a try.  If you have the TV on in your room, you’ll be tempted to turn it on and vegetate there and its just nice to have a space that’s screen free.

House Tour A simple master bedroom

We have four original fireplaces in our house, one in our room, our daughter’s room, the living room, and playroom.  I liked the idea of skipping the giant TV and styling the mantel with some of my favorite keepsakes.

House Tour A simple master bedroom

The vintage letterpress “LOVE” piece was a Valentine’s Day gift from the hubs one year and we used it as part of the decor at our wedding.  My dad was a printer/die cutter, a major part of my life growing up, so there is tons of love sitting there. The Glass bottles were thrift store finds, also used as decor at our wedding.  There’s a cool tin candle I got from a subscription box and a small bunch of lavender I got at a spiritual shop in downtown Salem.  You can’t smell the lavender anymore, but I’m way to superstitious to remove it now, so there she sits!

House Tour A simple master bedroom

The Art was created by a close friend, a seriously talented artist who happened to be the hubs best man in our wedding (seeing a trend here?)  Fun fact, there’s an anatomically correct heart sketched into the piece and some other secret hiding elements we heart so much.

House Tour A simple master bedroom

There’s nothing sentimental about the candlesticks (I purchased them for something else and loved them for the mantel instead).  BUT we found that license plate in Belize on our Honeymoon and carefully (very carefully) brought it back home as a memento.  That clock?  It’s just the coolest thing ever (and also dead as a doornail). Oh, and that cheerio?  First person to tell me how long that Cheerio has been sitting on the mantel gets a prize!

House Tour A simple master bedroom

And, I mean…the sconces have my heart.  They were installed by the previous owners and I lurve a little glam.

House Tour A simple master bedroom


The only thing missing are a few family photos.  I’m on the hunt for some 15×15 (or larger) black, square, matted frames.  But, I haven’t been able to find exactly what I want just yet.  Once I do, our master bedroom will be done!


Most of the stuff in our space isn’t available in the stores anymore.  But, I went ahead and linked up to some similar items in case you want to grab something to fancy up your master bedroom too!



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