5 healthy meal delivery services we’ve tested, tried and loved

I don’t want to alarm you, but I love to eat.  Even though I’m a sugar-free, grain-free eating fool these days, I still love to eat.  But, I don’t always have time to cook, which is why Meal Delivery Services are my jammity jam.

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I meal prep on Sundays, but every so often we splurge on a week’s worth of meals, pre-prepped, cooked, planned and delivered to our doors.  Since we’ve tried a ton of them, I figured I’d break down our thoughts on 5 of our faves perfect for a variety of dietary needs and lifestyles.  Unless otherwise noted, each of these meal delivery services provides organic, grass-fed and non-gmo ingredients.

Sun Basket

Love, love, love Sun Basket!  We have ordered from them a couple of times and really enjoyed the meals we received – everything comes pre-measured, so all you have to do is throw it together and cook it.  There’s very little cutting or prepping (if any) and the recipes are absolutely delicious.  OMG.  Really, really good.  They offer meals for all types of diets (Carb Conscience, Gluten-Free, Paleo, Lean & Clean, Vegetarian, Mediterranian, Vegan, Pescatarian, Diabetes Friendly, and Quick & Easy) and cater to couples and families. Average Cost per meal: $11.99.  Get $35 off your first order with this link!

5 healthy meal delivery services weve tested tried and loved

Keto Fridge

Super love Keto Fridge right now.  They are not cheap, but the meals are AMAZING (I can actually split one meal into two because they are really filling, so taking that into consideration they are priced just right).  Really, really delicious and creative – especially awesome if you get in a keto recipe rut.  They offer sides and snacks (including keto baked goods) and, all of their meals come vacuum sealed in bags so you totally feel like you’re eating gourmet astronaut food.  Average Cost: $16 per meal ($8 if you split)

5 healthy meal delivery services weve tested tried and loved

Factor 75

Can’t say enough great things about Factor 75.  Their meals are well thought out, easy to make and totally delicious.  Probably one of our top when it comes to meal delivery service because the flavor is so good even after being re-heated.  You can choose your meals based upon your dietary needs – each weekly meal has a little symbol to let you know if its Keto, Paleo, Dairy-Free, Spicy, etc.  Quite possibly some of the most delicious meals we’ve eaten from a meal delivery service (and we’ve tried  A LOT of meal delivery services).  Meals are pre-cooked and ready to go.  All you need to do is reheat.  Average Cost:  $11-12 / meal.  Get $20 bucks off your first order with this link!

5 healthy meal delivery services weve tested tried and loved


Karv is a meal delivery service we’ve tried this year.  We hadn’t tried meat delivery, so we were stoked to see what it was all about especially because we eat a fair amount of meat these days. Karv is a great service for anyone who eats a lot of meat and wants the convenience of having the meat delivered.  It is frozen, so there is thawing and prep involved, but you can plan your meals based upon what’s in your freezer which saves a ton of time (and energy sourcing meats from different grocery stores each week)! Average Cost: varies.  I compared various meat selections with store purchases and found it slightly less to comparible.

5 healthy meal delivery services weve tested tried and loved

Metabolic Meals

Metabolic Meals delivers fresh, chef-prepared, gluten-free meals, made with the cleanest ingredients on earth. We tried these guys for the first time a few years ago and really enjoy thier meals. They are pre-made, well prepared and super delicious.  We still order them periodically and are stoked they are offering Paleo and Keto-friendly options! Average Cost per meal $12-$17 depending upon portion size chosen  Get two free meals and free shipping on your first order if you use this link!

5 healthy meal delivery services weve tested tried and loved


We are always looking for new meal delivery services to try, so if you have a fave that’s not on this list, let me know!  And, if you feel like skipping meal delivery and cook up something on your own, I’ve got a bunch of fun recipes here 🙂



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