25 super-cool birthday gift ideas for kids parties (all under $25 bucks)!

Did I tell you we have FIVE birthday parties to go to in March?  FIVE.  And, that doesn’t even count my daughter’s 5th birthday party, which we are also…clearly…attending.  Since I’ve been on the hunt for cool birthday gift ideas (that, ahem…don’t put my house into foreclosure), I thought I’d share a list of some of my faves.

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We are in total game mode over here, which is super exciting for me, because I love playing games of any ol’ kind.  When it comes to birthday gift ideas, games rank high on my list for all ages.

Charades for Kids ($12.98, ages 4 and up).  We haven’t played this, but I totally just added this to our wish list.  Who doesn’t love charades?

What am I?  The Quick Question Game ($20.99, ages 3 and up)  I see hysterical laughter breaking out with this game.

Think Fun Yoga Spinner Game ($14.99, ages 5 and up).  We own this game and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!  Such a fun way to get moving (kids and parents) and actually teaches some pretty difficult yoga poses.

25 super-cool birthday gift ideas for kids parties all under 25 bucks

Zingo ($19.99, age 4 and up)  This game is great for preschoolers!  We own it and love playing it per the instructions.  But, we also really love making up our own, fun ways to play too.

Kids Scavenger Hunt ($17.95, age 6 and up) – This is an indoor/outdoor scavenger hunt that looks like it could be super fun to play as a family!


You know I love a good subscription box.  And, while some of them can get pretty pricey (especially when you branch off into multi-month subscriptions), there are quite a few that make great birthday gift ideas and work well even if you only purchase one month.

M is for Monster ($24.95, 1 to 5 years old) – This is an amazing box filled with tons of really great crafts and educational activities for your kiddos.  We tried it last Fall and were totally impressed.

Slime Box (starts at $13, preschool & up) Themed boxes of slime, like Donut and Paradise!

Foodstirs Bakers Club ($24.99, best suited for 6+, but totally great for younger kids who have a grown-up guiding) My daughter has LOVED baking organic, non-GMO treats with these boxes.  We’ve created cookie flowers and cupcakes and had a blast (despite not always getting it right).

25 super-cool birthday gift ideas for kids parties all under 25 bucks

LillyPost ($25, newborn to 7 years old) – Books are the best gift ever.  They have three options, board book, picture book or a mix.

Groovy Lab in a Box ($24.95, ages 8 and up) – looks like a great STEM subscription for older kids.


There are so many kits out there these days and they too, make great birthday gift ideas!  I wish they had kits like this when I was a kid.  I would’ve loved them as much as my daughter does, fo-sho.  Fo. Sho.

Build Your Own Robot Kit ($15, 6 and up) Make three different robots per kit.

Fairy Door Kit ($23, 3 and up)  I’ve seen tons of fairy kits, but never a fairy door kit!  How fun is this?

Exploding Volcano Kit ($9.99, 5 and up) We recently had a blast (ha-ha, pun intended?) with a volcano kit from Green Kid Crafts (another great birthday party idea for the kiddos)

25 super-cool birthday gift ideas for kids parties all under 25 bucksLight Up Terrarium Kit ($24.99, 3 and up)  – We are obsessed with ours.  It was so fun for her to put it together and check on her “sprouts” each morning.  She waters them with a mister, which is totally mess-free.

Design Your Own Dragon Kit ($22.40, 6 and up)  I have always been a fan of Seedling’s kits for kiddos.  They have tons of the at Target and every now and then I stumble across a few at Homegoods.


As mentioned above, books make some of the best birthday gift ideas out there for any age.  I actually started purchasing bundles of books and giving them at baby showers.  I know its not cool to go off-registry, but this is one of those times I make the exception!  Here’s a few great books to gift an awesome kiddo.

Alphabet Legends ($19.99) Super cool books that go through various legends (women, athletics, famous kids, fashion, etc.)  You can better feel for these books here

Ada Twist Scientist, Rosie Revere Engineer or Iggy Peck Architect ($8-16) We have been reading these books for years and absolutely adore them.  Super fun rhymes with really good messages about following your dreams!

25 super-cool birthday gift ideas for kids parties all under 25 bucks

Wonderbly (start at $24) Amazing little stories you can personalize using your fave kids name.

A, B to Jay Z ($19.99) An ABC book inspired by hip hop artists!  I wrote a blog post on these books before and think they are so fun.

National Geographic Kids ($15 for a 1-year subscription, age 9-12.  The Little Kids version is the same price, and perfect for preschoolers / younger kids)  – Technically, this is a subscription, but it felt better suited in the “books” section.  We absolutely LOVE our monthly deliveries of National Geographic Little Kids and have learned, like…a bazillion things about the craziest, most interesting little creatures.


As a bonus, I’m throwing in a few other non-toy birthday gift ideas just in case you’re wanting to get even more creative with your gift giving.

Drop-in Activities – We have a ton of local places in our area that allow drop-ins.  From Art and pottery to bouncing and pretend to play.  Many times you can grab a gift card for $25 bucks or single sessions.  They are usually under $10 bucks per session so you can give them a couple of days of play.

Restaurant Gift Card – This may seem a bit odd for a kid, but if there is a local kid themed restaurant (like Chuckie Cheese), this could be a great way to gift them a super fun experience.

25 super-cool birthday gift ideas for kids parties all under 25 bucks

Bowling – Many places offer regular and bumper bowling for $25 or less per hour.   We’re going to a bowling themed 5th birthday party this month.

ArcadesDave & Busters and other arcade style venues offer gift cards starting at $25 bucks!

Salon Gift Card – My daughter loves being pampered.  This is a great gift idea for young kiddos and old!  Most mani’s for kiddos are under $25 buck (usually includes a pedi too).

This blog has a ton of non-toy birthday gift ideas if you’re looking for more non-toy gift ideas (some of them are over $25 bucks but could be great ideas for your own kiddo’s birthday).

Hope you find this list of birthday gift ideas useful!  I know I’ll be coming back to it in a week or so when I’m stocking up on gifts for party central this month 🙂

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