This on the go snack spinner for your kiddos is GENIUS

Have you guys seen the GoBe Snack Spinner yet?  This little on the go snack spinner is absolutely genius.  I wish I had something like this when my daughter was a toddler, but I’d TOTALLY still use this for her (and myself too!)

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I love the idea of one container that holds a variety of snacks – my daughter likes to graze on a few things, rather than eat just one (I mean, what kid doesn’t?).  This snack spinner is perfect for providing tons of healthy snack options at home or on the go.  AND, it legit spins.  Kids can press the center button and “spin” the snack they want to eat to a compartment where they can easily grab.  So. Fun.


With all of the sections and only one spot where it can be open, it keeps messes to a minimum. It’s spill resistant, dishwasher safe, BPA and PVC free for the win.

This on the go snack spinner for your kiddos is GENIUS

There’s nothing worse than a snack or drink container that you have to disassemble, painstakingly wash and then reassemble again.  This container seems to break apart easily and pop right in the dishwasher.


One snack spinner will run you $24.95 – not the cheapest snack container, but if you compare it to the cost of most bento-style lunch boxes it’s right in line, price-wise.  You save A TON if you order more than one (the two-pack is only $10 bucks more than ordering and the 3-pack only $20 bucks more). These prices are limited-time (as per the website) if you pre-order for delivery in July.

Anywho – saw it on Instagram and thought it was SO worth sharing.  Raise your hand if you’re going to grab one of these things!

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