20 Minute Meal: Paleo Korean BBQ Chicken Lettuce Cups

Happy Monday!  I meal prepped a ton this weekend but wanted to share a super quick 20-minute meal that the hubs and I absolutely LOVE.  This 20 minute meal is perfect for those weeks you haven’t meal prepped.  When you want something quick, healthy and totally swoon-worthy.

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You know I love coming up with my own recipes – so, I’m sad I didn’t come up with this one on my own.  BUT, that won’t keep me from sharing it because (a) it was SO DAMN GOOD and (b) it was super easy, saving me a ton of time during a really busy week.

Since I’m a total planner,  I know when a busy week is coming my way.  A busy week for me involves extra “things” – maybe meetings, or the hubs is working late, or I have a huge deadline to meet.  In the past, we would just order pizza or pick up McDonald’s (ew) because we didn’t have the time to think about what we were going to eat.  Now, I get a bit more creative.  While we still “order” we do it in a much healthier way.


We received these Paleo Korean BBQ Chicken Lettuce cups in one of our Sunbasket deliveries.  And, I’ll be straight up – when I read the instructions and it said it was a 20 minute meal, I laughed out loud.  Because it seemed like it was going to take a lot longer considering the number of ingredients in our bag (Sunbasket ingredients come pre-packaged in a brown bag, so there’s little prep involved!).

20 Minute Meal Paleo Korean BBQ Chicken Lettuce Cups

Anyway, the hubs and I worked together and got it done in under 20 minutes.  I do think if you’re flying solo, it would take the full 20.  Maybe a few more if you’re jamming out to your fave playlist and drinking a glass of wine (wink, wink).


As I mentioned, Sunbasket came up with the dish, packaged up all the ingredients (organic), wrote up the recipe and shared the macros, so this was SUPER easy to put together.  If you want to recreate something similar, you can use this ingredient list as your base:

20 Minute Meal Paleo Korean BBQ Chicken Lettuce Cups

  • 2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
  • Some sort of Korean BBQ glaze or other Asian inspired sauce (Thrive Market has some AMAZING ones we love!  Get 25% off your 1st order with this link!)
  • 1 red onion
  • 1 zucchini
  • 1-2 radishes
  • Shredded carrots
  • Romain or Bib lettuce (for the “cups”)
  • Black sesame seeds

20 Minute Meal Paleo Korean BBQ Chicken Lettuce Cups

They also included this Kimchi – I couldn’t eat it because I’m allergic to cabbage, but the hubs definitely added it to his dish.  Here’s a Keto Kimchi recipe I found online if you want to make it yourself.  You could probably pick some up at a local specialty shop as well (maybe Wholefoods has it?).


There wasn’t much to this dish.  We marinated the chicken in the sauce while we were prepping the other ingredients (we just stuck the chix in a large bowl with the sauce).  Then, we sliced the onion and zucchini and skillet-cooked it for around 3-5 minutes (the hubs used almond oil), seasoning with salt & pepper.  Once that was done, we set it aside and the hubs cooked up the chicken – took about 10 minutes (5 per side) – we pre-cut the chicken so it would cook faster rather than cooking the entire chicken and cutting is afterward.

20 Minute Meal Paleo Korean BBQ Chicken Lettuce Cups

While he was on skillet duty, I washed and trimmed the lettuce, sliced the radishes thinly and put the ingredients in separate bowls so we could dress our lettuce cups (buffet style).  We assembled the cups and ate them.  We ate them real good.

20 Minute Meal Paleo Korean BBQ Chicken Lettuce Cups

Sun Basket always includes a “kids can” section in their recipe which outlines the parts of the cooking safe for kiddos – LOVE this because we are almost always in the kitchen as a family!


This particular dish (as per the original recipe provided) was not keto (the sauce had plums).  But, considering that was the only added sugar and there were no grains, the hubs and were happy to enjoy it (I modified even further by adding fewer toppings and omitting the Kimchi, dropping the net carbs to keto-safe levels).  How you choose to eat is totally up to you!

20 Minute Meal Paleo Korean BBQ Chicken Lettuce Cups

20 Minute Meal Paleo Korean BBQ Chicken Lettuce Cups

The hubs and I follow a fairly clean keto diet, but since we’ve been living this lifestyle for over a year, we do eat “dirty” from time to time (dirty meaning that we stay sugar-free, grain-free and low carb, but occasionally eat something not generally considered “okay” when eating strict keto (like, sugar-free coffee syrup or something along that line).

Here are some of my own keto-friendly recipes if you’re interested in checking them out!


Sun Basket has a TON of meal plans available, for those that are carb-conscious, paleo, gluten-free, Mediterranean, eating clean, vegan, vegetarian, diabetes-friendly and more.  I think that’s why I love them so much – the ingredients are always fresh and safe for so many types of diets and weekly menus are INSANE – like, there is tons of variety which makes you feel like you’re eating out for dinner.  Meal delivery services like this SAVE me during busy weeks, so if you’re struggling to stay healthy because you don’t have time to plan or shop, Sun Basket is worth trying.

Get $80 off—$35 off your 1st order, $25 off your 2nd, $20 off your 3rd if you use this link!  This coupon code is active as of the date of this post and may not remain active indefinitely.  If it’s not working by the time you read this post, drop a comment below and I’ll see if I can get you a new one!  We first tried Sun Basket a few Summer’s ago and they’ve evolved SO MUCH since then.  If you have any questions about how it works, let me know!  Happy to answer anything (good, bad, ugly!).


20 Minute Meal Paleo Korean BBQ Chicken Lettuce Cups

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