TRAVEL TIPS: How to enjoy vacation when you’re bloated + pms’ing

There are not too many things in life that can ruin your vacation. Barring major health issues or other catastrophic events, a little rain or extreme heat won’t make your vaycay suck. But, you know what can? Bloating. PMS. Period.  Hopefully these travel tips will help!

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We are heading off to Disney next week and I’m pretty sure it’s going to fall directly during the week of my cycle where I am the most bloated and cranky. I won’t be riding the crimson wave (thankfully), but I will be heading straight into ovulation and that’s when I’m basically a bloated Satan.

How to enjoy vacation when youre bloated pmsing

Since I’m not going to let hormone fluctuations completely tank my daughter’s first visit to the most magical land ever, I decided to make a list of all the things I’m going to do to help ease the rage and weight gain that comes with this glorious time in my cycle. Hope these travel tips help you too.


If you’re going on a trip (by plane) AND dealing with an increase in estrogen you’re probably going to get bloated (jet bloat is real people!). I gain an extra three pounds (at least) when I fly plus another three more when I’m ovulating. Six extra pounds on my frame does not make me feel like throwing on a bathing suit.

How to enjoy vacation when youre bloated pmsing

How to enjoy vacation when youre bloated pmsing

Avoid carbonated drinks and fatty foods and drink lots of regular water on your flight and throughout the day (we found these super slim reusable water bottles here for under $8 bucks – and they’re filtered!). Most online sources say to drink at least 64 ounces per day. My body feels the least bloated and most energetic on 120 ounces per day (that’s when my skin glows too!). I start every single day with 20 ounces of water regularly and make sure I maintain this practice on vacation. I don’t allow myself to drink anything else until it’s gone.  Not even my beloved first cup of coffee.


Exercise can help get trapped gasses moving and thus ease the bloat. BUT, it’s also INCREDIBLE for stress relief. Apparently, endorphins create a happy vibe, similar to what you’d get from morphine (whahut??). And, if you get a quick workout in before your day starts (even on vacation) it will make you feel accomplished, positive and better about yourself (yes, even if you’re pmsing).

How to enjoy vacation when youre bloated pmsing

You might not want to go full steam with your workouts while you’re on vaycay, but you can do a quick, 15-minute, chill workout to wake up those endorphins and not feel like you want to rage on the hotel staff. I usually do a combination of yoga, pilates (legs and arms) and squats. Here are a few easy ones you can pull up on your phone in the hotel room! SQUATS || WEIGHTLESS ARMS || LEGS || FLOW

I also stream Lekfit and can use their Jet Set workouts anywhere.


Salt and extra sodium can be a contributor to bloat, depending upon your diet. I eat a low carb, grain-free, sugar-free diet so I need to make sure I get enough salt and sodium for electrolyte balance. But, if you typically bloat with extra salt, remember that what you’re eating on vaycay can contribute to feeling bloaty!

TRAVEL TIPS How to enjoy vacation when youre bloated pmsing

Healthy snacks are best for the plane or car (here are some road trip snacks I swear by).  Try to eat mostly healthy when eating out (Fiber-rich veggies, gluten-free grains, and low sugar fruits) and enjoy things you wouldn’t normally eat at home in moderation. Vacation eating can be so glorious (in the moment) BUT it can contribute to feeling like shit. You’re the boss of you, but just remember, using vacation as an excuse to eat like an animal can make you feel not so awesome. If you’re imbibing, skip the wine and anything carbonated and choose vodka or white tequila instead. OMG. Tequila.


After recently stumbling across Love Wellness, I started taking Digestive Enzymes – which work best in increasing various body functions, decreasing constipation and reducing bloating if used daily (and not just if you’re on vacation). I’m using Bye Bye Bloat supplements because of their organic, natural ingredient list – including Dandelion, Fenugreek, and the specific enzymes I need for my diet.

TRAVEL TIPS How to enjoy vacation when youre bloated pmsing

I started taking Magnesium when I switched to a ketogenic diet (it completely eliminated my restless leg symptoms and helps with electrolyte balance!). What I recently learned is that Magnesium can be extremely helpful in dealing with PMS, Perimenopause (yup, I’m in it) and PCOS. Not only is it stress relieving, but it can prevent “period pain”, help with those hot flashes and even bloating.

TRAVEL TIPS How to enjoy vacation when youre bloated pmsing

You can get magnesium right from your food (leafy veggies, nuts, etc), but stress can deplete it. I’ve read that magnesium glycinate is the best supplement if you want to avoid tummy troubles, but magnesium citrate helps to deal with constipation if you know what I’m sayin’. I take my Magnesium and ByeBye Bloat supplements at night before bed. Obviously, check with your doctor before trying any new supplements!


This is maybe the most important thing on this list (and also possibly the hardest to stick to if you’re lost in a funk). Mood swings and bloat are your bodies natural response to hormonal fluctuations. It’s not your fault.

How to enjoy vacation when youre bloated pmsing

You can give yourself a full regimen of “things” to help alleviate symptoms, but you still may freak out over who ate the last banana or feel a few pounds heavier in your suit. Go easy on yourself and practice “letting go” (as best you can) – the most important thing you can do on vacation (or any other time of the year) is to be kind to yourself.


If you have any travel tips you’d like to share – those that can help with bloat and pms or any ol’ travel tip that can make getting from here to there more enjoyable, drop em’ in the comments below!

TRAVEL TIPS How to enjoy vacation when youre bloated pmsing 15

I’ll be sharing some additional travel tips in a few weeks when we are home (including some packing tips, ways to keep your kiddos safe while traveling and our Disney touring plan). Happy Travels!


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TRAVEL TIPS How to enjoy vacation when youre bloated pmsing 15

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