Brunch in bed ideas perfect for showering Mama with love or “just because”

Oh, I love the weekends – when the green light comes on at 6 am, we all pile into our bed (cats included) and drink coffee, and snuggle and just “be” together (I’m usually dangling off the side of the bed, but that’s another story).  These special times are what inspired this idea for brunch in bed – a super easy (kid friendly) way to shower someone you love with all the yummy things that make weekend mornings so magical.

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Anytime someone makes me food it feels like a gift.  But, if you want to make something feel extra special, you’ve gotta dress it up a bit.  The best part about brunch in bed is that you don’t have to go crazy.  You can leave all the decorating to one small tray, rather than trying to decorate an entire room.

Kid friendly brunch in bed ideas

I had Mom in mind when designing this tray since Mother’s Day is just around the corner.  But, you can set your brunch in bed scene however you wish by adding a few things the giftee (is that a word?) loves to the tray.

Kid friendly brunch in bed ideas

I kept things super simple when creating this one – I wanted something that looked really special and girly but was also easy enough for a kid to put together (with help).

Kid friendly brunch in bed ideas

When making my own floral arrangements I almost always create bouquets with the same flower or same color flower and remove almost all of the greenery.  For some reason, it looks more professional and pulled together this way.  The only time I deviate is if I’m using wildflowers.  I like those to look like they were fresh picked and plopped in a jar.

Kid friendly brunch in bed ideas

KIDS CAN:  Deconstruct the bouquet you purchased and sort the flowers/greenery into piles.  Using kid-safe scissors, they can cut down the flowers to the appropriate height for the vase you’re using (I use a drinking glass!) and snip individual leaves and baby’s breath to add pops of color throughout the tray once you add the food.

KIDS CAN:  Create a special drawing, sign or note for the tray.  My daughter has been making me little notes with my name on it lately so it seemed fitting to include – I die every time she spells it “MOMY”.  Kids are the best.

Kid friendly brunch in bed ideas


Brunch isn’t brunch without something savory.  I feel like mini sammy’s and finger foods are perfect for DIY brunching.  These ham and cheese roll-ups are bite-size, packed with flavor and super filling.

Kid friendly brunch in bed ideas

They’re also grain-free, sugar-free and low carb for the win.  Here’s the recipe for those.  Alternatives to the ham and cheese roll ups are these pizza roll-ups or these bacon, egg and veggie breakfast muffins.

Kid friendly brunch in bed ideas

KIDS CAN: Help with mixing and baking!  My daughter always helps me make these (and she loves eating them for the win).  She helps gather the ingredients, measure the ingredients and mix things up.


Muffins are the perfect addition to brunch – easy to grab, eat and so stinkin’ delish.  Traditional Italian ricotta pie was my inspo for these lemon ricotta muffins.

Kid friendly brunch in bed ideas Kid friendly brunch in bed ideas

I whipped up a little glaze and topped it with some orange zest for funzies.

Kid friendly brunch in bed ideas

I garnished with almonds, blueberries and lemon slices for flavor, scent and a pop of color!  You can grab the recipe here.  Alternatives to these lemon ricotta muffins are these chocolate cream cheese muffins, cinnamon roll muffins or berry pancake muffins.  Each of them are low carb, sugar-free, grain-free and keto friendly but they are delish even for those not eating a special diet.

KIDS CAN:  Help with the baking!  My recipes are super easy and fun to make because I’m pretty much always flanked by a 5-year-old.  She loves mixing and measuring and sampling along the way.

Kid friendly brunch in bed ideas


Do I even need to address this one?  Coffee is king and where brunch is concerned, a total must.

Kid friendly brunch in bed ideas

If you’re making brunch in bed for someone who loves OJ or needs a glass of water with meals, make sure you save space on the tray for allllllll the drinks!


The key to creating brunch in bed is keeping things to a minimum.  When I’m hosting a party or event I’m historically a maniac.  I always make WAY too much food and overdecorate (remember that time I purchased 7 million dollars with of greenery for my daughter’s 4th Dragon Party?  Don’t even get me started on her first birthday – lots of finger food ideas there)!

Kid friendly brunch in bed ideas

With the bed version, you have a small tray which means you can only have a few things.  Plus, it’s meant for one person, so you don’t want to serve them a fully catered meal.  I loaded up this tray so there were extras for sharing.  But, you could also just do a simple plate with serving for one!

Kid friendly brunch in bed ideas

Either way, come up with one sweet and one savory.  Add fruit, nuts, and condiments and you’re golden.


Ham & Cheese Roll-Ups

Lemon Ricotta Muffins

Kid friendly brunch in bed ideas

Bread & Muffins



If you’d like to recreate this tray, you can link up to the different items below!  They aren’t these exact items, but are pretty close!

Kid friendly brunch in bed ideas

Let me know if you serve up something awesome to brighten someone’s morning.  I’m going to recreate this brunch and serve it up to myself…possibly in the closet so I don’t have to share.  Tootles!

Kid friendly brunch in bed ideas


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