Baking with Kids: Low Carb Strawberry Dessert Pizza (keto friendly for parents!)

Summer is here and the strawberries are glorious! It’s also dessert season which means there are tons of naughty sweets pulling at my heartstrings.  Since I’m back eating strict keto, I’m getting super crafty in the kitchen (Mama needs to stay on track and imbibe!).  Here’s a low carb strawberry dessert pizza we are loving (perfect for baking with kids)!


I was never a huge dessert pizza gal and am so sad I missed out on so many years without it!

Baking with Kids Low Carb Strawberry Dessert Pizza Baking with Kids Low Carb Strawberry Dessert Pizza

You can make it a million and one ways, depending upon your diet – either load up on your fave fruits and drizzle with honey or go all out with chocolate and marshmallows and graham crackers…OMG. I’ve gotta figure out how to make a keto s’mores pizza!


While the hubs and I eat a ketogenic diet, our daughter sticks to regular, low sugar/minimally processed food diet. She eats very healthy, but despite how great keto has been for us, I’m not comfortable completely removing grains and most fruits from her diet at this point and time.

Baking with Kids Low Carb Strawberry Dessert Pizza

We have totally cut back on her intake of carbs and processed sugar though.  And, we do notice a huge difference in how she acts when we feed her keto-friendly desserts vs. regular.  No crazy sugar highs (our kiddo has a very intense behavioral reaction to sugar) and no sugar crashes.  Such a win for all – I love teaching her to enjoy delicious foods and treat herself in healthy ways!


Obviously, you’re in charge of your own kitchen (and kiddos), so pick and choose what your kids are old (or adept) enough to do without making your head spin.  I’ll admit, baking with kids is fun, but for a control freak like me, a definite exercise in finding my zen.  Soooooo – when I do decide to invite my kiddo into the kitchen I make the decision then and there that she’s the boss of me and all the baking things.

Baking with Kids Low Carb Strawberry Dessert Pizza

For this recipe, kids can:

  • gather the ingredients
  • help measure the ingredients
  • stir, whisk and mix
  • wash the fruit
  • slice fruit if they are old enough!
  • spread out the dough (it is pretty hot though, so use caution!)
  • brush on the butter
  • sprinkle on the cinnamon/sugar
  • decorate with strawberries


Baking with kids is a perfect way to spend time together AND teach them a thing or two.  Some hot tips:

Baking with Kids Low Carb Strawberry Dessert Pizza

  • Count with them when measuring ingredients
  • Teach them new words that rhyme, like whip, drip, sizzle, and drizzle
  • Baking is science!  Tell them why you need that baking soda or butter
  • Build them up!  make sure you praise them lots and let them know how well they are doing at all their jobs (they may reward you by making their own breakfast tomorrow)
  • Take turns because sharing is caring:)


Slice the strawberries as thin as you can without them being too paper-y (does that make sense?). You basically want them to mirror a piece of pepperoni (maybe a bit thicker).

Baking with Kids Low Carb Strawberry Dessert Pizza Baking with Kids Low Carb Strawberry Dessert Pizza

Keep an eye on it in the oven – ours browned up super quick in the last few minutes (which we were totally fine with!) so if you like things less brown, just watch it (with your oven light).

This dough does not rise, so expect a thin crust!


Our new fave dessert pizza recipe is below! It was actually my daughter’s idea to make a pizza with strawberries so you can thank her.

Baking with Kids Low Carb Strawberry Dessert Pizza

All I did was combine her great idea with my baking skills and BAM!  This is the yummiest.  ENJOY IT!

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Strawberry Dessert Pizza
This strawberry dessert pizza is perfect for baking with kids! And, it is low carb and grain free with no added sugar (keto friendly for the win!)
  1. Preheat the oven to 425 degrees.
  2. In a large bowl, whisk the almond flour and 1 tbsp of Swerve. Then, add the mozzarella cheese and the cream cheese (I usually break up the cream cheese into a few sections and spread over top of mixture).
  3. Microwave mixture for 60 seconds. Remove, mix well (until blended) and microwave for 30 more seconds, mixing again quickly until dough is completely combined (and still somewhat sticky).
  4. Roll out two sheets of parchment paper (length of a baking sheet you'll use) and drop dough (in shape of a ball) in center of 1st parchment sheet. Top with 2nd parchment sheet and using your hands, spread the dough evenly as wide and thick as you can without allowing it to become too thin. You can also use a rolling pin. Either way, it's best spread when hot/warm.
  5. Melt the butter in a microwave safe dish and using a brush, brush it all over the top of the dough (edge to edge).
  6. Mix the cinnamon and sugar-substitute to make the cinnamon-sugar topping and slice the berries into thin strips.
  7. Sprinkle the cinnamon sugar topping over the dough (edge to edge) and place the strawberries on top of the dough (fitting them all as best you can, like a puzzle).
  8. Bake for 15 minutes or until top and outer edge are lightly browned. Let cool, slice + enjoy!
Recipe Notes

SERVING SIZE: 1 slice (makes 10 slices)

MACROS: 206 calories | 15.8 g fat | 11 g protein | 4.8 net carbs

Nutritional Info Disclaimer:  I am not a medical or nutritional professional.  I provide nutritional information for my recipes as a courtesy based upon the ingredients I'm using.  I encourage you to find a nutritional calculator you like best and calculate individual nutrition info based upon the ingredients you are using.  All carb counts are based upon total carbs unless otherwise noted.


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Baking with Kids Low Carb Strawberry Dessert Pizza

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