How to smoke meat with your propane grill + other awesome summer barbecue tips!

Do you have a neighbor who smokes meat EVERY weekend and makes you want to go to his house and steal it because it smells so amazing?  Yeah.  Um.  We do.  And, since we don’t have a smoker, it inspired us to learn more about how to smoke meat with a propane grill!

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How to smoke meat with your propane grill + other awesome summer barbecue tips!


Before this week, I had no idea you could smoke meat with a propane grill.  I considered getting the hubs a smoker for Father’s Day but didn’t know if he would like it enough to use it regularly.  So, when we teamed up with BBQ Box this month and they sent instructions for smoking chicken wings on the grill, we were STOKED.

Our BBQ Box came filled with a few items to get our grill on, including these Apple Wood Chips – a must have if you’re going to smoke meat on your propane grill.  Also in the box – a recipe card (Honey Pecan Smoked Wings, OMG) which outlined these step by step instructions to create the recipe with the rub, sauce + chips they sent us and WITHOUT an official meat smoker.

How to smoke meat with your propane grill + other awesome summer barbecue tips!

Here’s how ya’ do it:

  1. SOAK THE WOOD CHIPS: Soak the woodchips in cold water for about an hour.  Once the hour is up, strain them and place them on a sheet of aluminum foil.
  2. MAKE A POUCH: Once you’ve got your woodchips in the foil, seal it around all the edges to make a pouch (can I tell you how much I love the word “pouch”…don’t ask).
  3. STAB THE POUCH:  Anyway, you’re gonna wanna make some holes so that the smoke can escape the pouch and smoke the meat.  So, use a fork to poke a bunch of holes in your pouch 🙂
  4. PREHEAT THE GRILL:  You only want to heat one side of your grill (keep the other side off). So preheat that side to 220 degrees F and slip an oiled drip pan under the grate of the side you have not preheated.
  5. WAIT FOR SMOKE:  Place the pouch on the side you’ve heated and wait for that smoke to rise.
  6. PREP THE MEAT:  The recipe included in our BBQ Box called for chicken wings.  So for that particular recipe, we were to rinse and pat the chicken dry, sprinkle with salt+pepper and drizzle with oil.
  7. SMOKE IT: Place the meat over the drip pan side (this is the side you did not preheat) and smoke for 1.5 hours.
  8. BASTE IT:  If you’re adding a sauce (we got The Salt Lick Honey Pecan BBQ Sauce in our box), baste the chicken (around 2 tbsp) in the last half hour of cooking.

And that’s how it’s done!  Hot tip:  Don’t spend too much time peaking at your meat while it smokes. It can not only lengthen the cooking time, but also change the oxygen flow, which can change that smoked flavor you’re going for.  Um, did I get a grilling and science degree this week?  I’m feeling like I know things, guys.


We got The Salt Lick Garlic Dry Rub in our BBQ Box as well, and I realized in the moment I was sniffing it that I wasn’t really sure how to apply dry rub to the various types of meats we eat.  Like, is it the same as adding some spice?  Is there a technique?  I did some sleuthing on the interwebs and found these hot tips when using a dry rub.

FOR STEAKS + SKINLESS MEATS: There are a couple of ways you can apply a dry rub, but the consensus, either way, is to pat your meat dry before you apply (haha, that rhymed).  The first method of applying your dry rub is to place the rub in a bowl or container, lay the meat on top of the mixture and flip it to coat the other side.  You want to make sure you evenly cover your meat with the rub.  You can also use your hands, by spreading the rub (rubbing it) on the meat evenly.  You avoid a lot of waste this way (you always want to get rid of whatever dry rub you don’t use since it touched raw meat), but I hate touching raw meat with my hands, so..its a matter of preference.

FOR SKIN ON MEAT – you’ll have to use your hands to apply the rub under the skin.

How to smoke meat with your propane grill + other awesome summer barbecue tips!

FISH:  Dry rub doesn’t stick to fish the same way it does other meats.  So, mist the fish with some water or oil before you apply the rub (either using your hands or in the container).


We love marinating our meat before we grill it, but receiving The Saltlick Honey Pecan BBQ Sauce reminded us how AMAZING barbecue meat tastes in the Summer (grilled and for dips!). Barbecue sauce typically has a lot of sugar, which allows it to create that delicious caramelization on the outer crust when you grill it.  While the hubs and I don’t eat sugar regularly, we did give the Honey Pecan BBQ Sauce a taste and it was incredible.  We’ve got all the grandparents coming this weekend for our little’s dance recital so we’re for-sure going to barbecue some chicken for them using this sauce (thanks BBQ Box)!

Some Tips:

MARINADES:  Since they have less sugar, it’s recommended to marinate the raw meat for 1-2 hours before grilling.  Make sure you scrape off any excess marinade before you plop it on the grill. You can use the marinade again as a light glaze after the meat is cooked or dip it in a thicker BBQ sauce (hello Honey Pecan!) to create an even better flavor.

How to smoke meat with your propane grill + other awesome summer barbecue tips!

BARBECUE SAUCES:  Cook the meat on the grill without the sauce.  When you’re about 10 minutes out from it being done, lightly brush on the barbecue (2-3 layers is best). To avoid burning the meat (the higher sugar content makes it easier to burn!) avoid super hot areas of the grill and flare-ups.  Once the meat is cooked, you can add a final layer of the sauce to “candy” over the meat.


BBQ Box is a monthly subscription for the ultimate grillmaster/pitmaster. BBQ sauces, marinades, spices, rubs, jerky, recipes and more!  Each box comes with (1) sauce or marinade, (1) rub or spice, (1) yummy edible (like this soppressata we got), (1) sample package of premium wood chips and (1) custom recipe using the products in your box.  Get 15% Off your order with code SUMMER15!

How to smoke meat with your propane grill + other awesome summer barbecue tips!

I have to say, the recipe using the stuff in the box was my favorite part of the box.  I loved learning how to smoke meat on our regular grill (well, not me – the hubs does all the grilling because I’d probably blow something up) and thought it was so cool that the recipe aligned with all the goodies they sent us.  SO. COOl.

Subscriptions start at $24.99 and ship internationally! Get 15% Off your order with code SUMMER15!


Best part?  One lucky k+s reader is gonna win a box from BBQ Box in this week’s giveaway!  Just enter below for your chance to win and make sure you get ALLLLLLLL your entries in.  I’ll be announcing the winner on Monday!

How to smoke meat with your propane grill + other awesome summer barbecue tips!

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How to smoke meat with your propane grill + other awesome summer barbecue tips!

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