How to save money shopping for your kids clothes all year round

Kids clothes are not cheap and I know you feel me here. I mean, they don’t have to be so expensive, but if we’re not careful, it’s super easy to rack up a huge bill for a whole lotta stuff they probably just don’t need. So, I’m sharing some of the best ways to save money shopping for your kids at back to school time and all year round.

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Before we dive in, let’s address how many clothes items your kiddo should have. I’m breaking all of these rules, PS and seriously need to clean out my daughter’s closet after having compiled this list. Use the below as a guide and go based on your own needs – i.e. my daughter goes to camp and plays in the dirty woods, so we have lots of extra clothes reserved for play. Also, you may do laundry more or less, or have less space. Choose your own adventure, Mama. Let this infographic be your guide 🙂

How to save money shopping for your kids clothes


Take Inventory. I don’t know how many times I’ve gotten to the store and completely forgot what size top or shoe my kiddo is wearing (I measure her at home with this! I’ve used it for years.).

How to save money shopping for your kids clothes

Without a list, I end up buying the wrong size or too much of something she just doesn’t need (16,000 leggings anyone? My kid’s covered in that department). Survey the scene before you start.  Then…

Make a List. If you don’t have a list, you’re bound to buy some frivolous stuff. Know what you actually need and stick to your list to save money shopping for your kiddos every.single.time.


Use Honey (or another coupon aggregator).  This is an app installed in my browser that searches every available coupon code out there once I’ve loaded my cart to get me the best deal at whatever place I’m shopping.  And, it’s not retailer-specific, so it’s a huge time (and money) saver.

Purchase discounted gift cards.  Sites like Cardpool allow you to purchase “used” gift cards at a discounted rate.  So, you may grab a $250 Target gift card at $220, saving $30 bucks right off the bat (that’s a lot of leggings and t-shirts!).  You can also trade in your unused gift cards (or sell them) on this site.

How to save money shopping for your kids clothes

How to save money shopping for your kids clothes

Store Credit Cards:  If you always shop at the same store for clothing, look into their credit card.  You often get extra sales, deals or a percentage off (like the Red Card at Target – more below) and as long as you pay it off before the due date you don’t pay any interest.

Sign up for Newsletters:  Most retailers offer a coupon as soon as you sign up.  Many send additional coupon codes and alert you when their best sales are happening.  You can always unsubscribe!

Know the Markdown Days – Every retailer has different markdown days for different items.  Research your favorite places and plan!  I.e. Target marks down kids clothes every Monday (Women’s clothing is Tuesday, wink-wink). According to Time magazine, the best day of the week to buy shoes and kids clothing online is Wednesday (saving about 40%).

Shop end of Season Sales – I get TONS of stuff end of season on super clearance at all my fave places.  I usually buy one size up. I just purchased 5 dresses and 6 pairs of leggings for $125 bucks at Tea Collection for my daughter. That’s a HUGE deal on clothing that is great quality, but really pricey normally.

Check your receipt:  Many retailers offer additional coupon offers on their receipts (even online ones!).  Check them before you throw them out or press delete.

Don’t forget to thrift guys. You can get so many amazing, like new (and sometimes brand new) clothing items by thrifting! You can also swap with friends, accept hand me downs and stay tuned to local clothing swaps and trade events in your home town.


(September) Labor Day Weekend:  Fall items go on sale for Back to School and Summer items go on clearance (remember, Summer clothes can easily transition to fall in many climates so take advantage of that!)

(September) Get your swimsuit for the next season! 

(October) Jeans go on deep discount after Back to School sales end

(November) Cyber Monday is better than Black Friday for clothes shopping because you typically get a site-wide discount (like 30-50% off) rather than a per item discount

(November) Buy Sneakers!  April is a good month too.

How to save money shopping for your kids clothesHow to save money shopping for your kids clothes

(December) Day after Christmas.  Possibly the best sales week for clothing the entire year. If you hit up a retail store, get there early or you will def. miss out.

(January) Martin Luther King Jr. Day is a clearance dream.  Many major brands like Gap, Tea Collection, etc. mark their clearance items down by an additional 50-70%.

(January/February) Winter coats go on sale!

(Spring) Shop Thrift Stores.  Lots of people spring cleaning

(Summer) Shop Tax-Free -Shop when it’s tax-free!  Here’s a link to each state’s tax-free weekend dates in 2019. You can use this list as a guide for 2020, although the dates may change slightly per state.

Semi-Annual sales: Most retailers have a semi-annual and end of year sales that offer discounts on clothing.  You can look any of your favorite retailers up online and see when their semi-annual sales are!


Target is already really reasonably priced, but you can save A TON of money on kids clothes (and just about everything else) with a few little hacks! If you want to see all of Target’s deals, you can do that here.

  • Sign up for Cartwheel to get 5-50% off so many items!
  • Get a Price Adjustment!  If you have the Cartwheel app and miss a sale (i.e. you’re like me and forget to add deals to your app before you shop) you can take your receipt to customer service for a price adjustment.
  • Shop the $5 and FREE Gift Card Deals. You can check and see what deals are live at any given time here.

  • Get 5% off with the Redcard.  You can sign up for a credit card or debit card.  You get the 5% off either way for every purchase (except gift cards and other select items).  If you’re shopping now through September 14th, you get $40 off a future qualifying purchase of $100 or more if you pay with your REDcard (once approved).
  • Target Trade-in Program!  I didn’t even know they had this until I wrote up this post.  Target will give you a gift card for trading in phones, tablets, consoles, wearables (like watches), voice speakers and even other retailer gift cards. Use that gift card to buy clothes for your kids!


I’ll be honest, there are tons of things in this post that I didn’t even know about until I decided to do my research.  I will definitely be taking advantage of multiple ways to save money shopping for my kiddo (and my whole fam) from here until the end of time 🙂  For now, here are the places I frequent most to save money shopping online for my girl.

  • Target The Cat & Jack line is my fave, although they have some other great brands too.  Pricing is really, really good. Clothes run true to size.
  • Tea Collection:  Really, really good quality clothes (my fave place to get leggings).  I always shop the end of season sales . Clothes run a bit big.
  • Amazon You can find some really cute, unique (and brand name) stuff inexpensively on Amazon!
  • Primary: So many affordable basics in primary colors! Get 20% off your first order at with code AFF20PCT

You can save a ton of money on brand name clothing (and also some sanity) with kids clothing delivery.  Here are a few great ones:



Shop my faves!

kids baking set (real baking!)
Jean Skirt (with Short)
Unicorn Subway Tee
Flutter Top
Plaid Button Down
Long Sleeved Striped Knit Dress
Lace Dress
A-line Cat Dress
Cat Halloween Dress
Jean Leggings
Foil Cat Leggings
Elite Shorts
More than Magic Leotard
Etoile Fashion Boots
Dayja Sneakers (silver sparkle)
Dayja Sneakers
Jiobit GPS
Insulated Food Jar
Lunch Box
Lunch Notes
Bentgo Kids
Kind is cool placemat
Silicone Placemat
Plastic Tumblers
Silverware Set
Lg divided Tray
colorful bowls
Divided Plates
Recycled kids plates
Toms Caity Mary Jane
Girls Leggings
Girls Skater Dress
Girls Jean Jacket
Easy Close Sneakers
Maha Sneakers
Water Sneakers
Water Shoes
Water Bottle
Water Bottle
Lunch Box
Kids Plates
Nail Dryer
16″ Girls Bike
Child Safety Tattoos
Pool Floats
Responsibility Chart
Magic Light Want
Play Tape (roads + train tracks)
Leave in Conditioner
Bare Republic Sunscreen
Backseat Mirror


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How to save money shopping for your kids clothes

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