I tested 3 popular women’s razor brands and fell in love. Here’s the best razor of the bunch.

Shaving. Why….WHYYYYYYYYY. While some women are totally confident rocking the au naturel look – I am definitely a girl who likes a clean shave. I was totally intrigued by all the women’s razor brands flooding my feeds, so I decided to test two of them against a disposable stand-by a lot of women use.

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I have dark, coarse hair that basically needs to be shaved every 5 minutes if I don’t want to look like a woolly mammoth. If I want a clean, smooth leg I have to shave every.single.day.

3 popular women’s razor brands

If I don’t care about a little stubble, I can get away with shaving every other day or every few days, but the moral of the story here people is that shaving is a very real process I must endure just about every day of my life – SO, I need a women’s razor that can make this process as easy as possible.


Two reasons I don’t wax. First, is that I tried it once and literally thought my leg was amputated when she ripped off the paper. For perspective, I was in hard labor for THREE days without any pain killers and that actually was pleasant compared to my experience with waxing just one 3 x 3-inch section of my leg. Number two. There is no two. I just prefer to keep all of my appendages in place.


I’ve tried so many women’s razors over the years and have maintained very little loyalty for any specific brand. I have found however that most disposable razors for women do not work well with my angry army of hairs.

3 popular women’s razor brands

They either nic too easily or don’t get a close enough shave leaving me totally annoyed because shaving is SUCH a process. I find that Men’s razors are the best for a clean shave that lasts longer than 4 minutes, so I’ve been using a men’s razor from Dollar Shave Club most recently (basically, I stole it from my hubby’s stash).


The three razors I tested very scientifically in my shower were: The Flamingo (from Target), The Billie (from the interwebs) and the Schick Quattro for Women (at basically every drugstore in America).

SCHICK QUATTRO ($5.99 for 3 razors): I’m not mad at this razor. It has 4 blades which is why I chose it. While there’s no solid research on more blades being better, there are a bunch of articles out there that suggest men’s razors (which typically have more blades) give a closer, cleaner shave. Why? Because they are dealing with men’s sensitive facial areas (cue face-palm). Interestingly, women shave WAY more areas of their body (some of them EXTREMELY sensitive if you know what I’m sayin’), so why many of the pretty pink razors out there don’t have all the blades, is beyond me. But that’s another post (feminist rant averted).

3 popular women’s razor brands

Pluses: You get 3 razors for $5.99 so they are SUPER inexpensive. The pivoting head makes it feel like it actually contours to the shape of your body as you shave. Minuses: The conditioning strip is way too slimy and doesn’t allow me to get a close enough shave. It gave me a few nicks, even though I was shaving super slow and calmly (I’m typically a rage shaver guys – get in and get out as fast as possible!).  All in all, I would totally have this razor in my closet as a back up, but am happy to have found another razor for everyday use. TRY IT

FLAMINGO ($9.99 for handle and 2 cartridges): I AM mad at this razor and I’ll tell you why. I fell hard for the Flamingo week 1. But, by week 2 I had some serious complaints.

First, the good stuff: The hydrating aloe strip didn’t get slimy like the Quattro. It had 5 blades, a plastic thingy so you can store it easily in your shower and, it gave possibly one of the best shaves I’ve EVER had (I didn’t need to shave for almost 3 days guys…and my legs were SMOOTH like honey).

3 popular women’s razor brandsBut, here’s where this razor went wrong. It rusted. It rusted in like, less than a week. The optimist in me hoped it was a fluke, but I tried the 2nd razor head and that one? It rusted in 3 days. I haven’t had a razor (even the cheapest of disposables) rust in my shower in YEARS. What a disappointment. I’m hopeful that it was a fluke because I’ve heard great things about this razor and it’s super convenient for all of us Target shoppers! TRY IT

THE BILLIE ($9 for handle and 2 cartridges): I was having serious FOMO with the Billie. So many people are talking about this razor and while the practical side of me thought “it can’t be THAT good”, the curious side of me couldn’t resist it any longer. AND, I’m so glad I didn’t.

3 popular women’s razor brands

You get the Starter Kit for $9 bucks (it comes with 2 cartridges just like the Flamingo). You choose your razor color (so many cuties!) and let them know how often you shave. I chose a few times a week which will set my cartridge delivery for every two months. You can also do monthly delivery (shaving every day) or three-month delivery (shaving 1 time per week). I’ll get 4 replacement cartridges every two months for $9 bucks.

3 popular women’s razor brands

The Pluses (because there are ZERO minuses): Guys. You don’t need to shave with ANYTHING but the razor. Truth be told I was absolutely horrified at the thought of shaving (especially under my arms) without any bodywash (yep – that’s my go-to razor companion) – but, OMG. It is magical. Not only does it shave super close without any pulling or ouch feeling (which you would totally think you’d get without any body wash or shave cream), it is THE closest shave I’ve ever had.

3 popular women’s razor brands

Now, I know I said something similar about the Flamingo, which is true. And, while they may be tied for best shave, the Billie didn’t rust, kept my legs smooth longer, didn’t require any creams or gels and didn’t cause one single ounce of razor burn (which I’m prone too). The magnet holder thingy is the cutest and I love that I don’t have to think about buying razers because they are just going to ship them to me based upon my needs. Boom.  Love fest.  TRY IT


I don’t think I need to elaborate here, but clearly, I’m choosing The Billie. Because I hate following the crowd I wanted to not like The Billie (I mean…everyone is talking about it), but dayum. It got me.

3 popular women’s razor brands

And, my lady parts have been smiling ever since.

Tell me – what’s your favorite women’s razor? Or, are you like (the former) me who stole them from your hubs?

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3 popular women’s razor brands

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