41 Fun things to do with kids this Fall (October and November Ideas!)

This time of year is the best isn’t it? So many fun things to do with kids in the kitchen, at the craft table, on the farm and just about everywhere! Since I’m working on our own Fall bucket list, I thought I’d whip up a quick post, chock-full of ideas to get your family celebrating the season in alllll the ways (especially food, but I mean… there are other things too – right?).

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Fall is a tricky season because the weather can be absolutely gorgeous or totally disgusting depending on where you live.  We like to pop on our puffy vests and wellies for crisp, muddy days and have a few backups for those days when it’s just too gross to venture out.  Since school started for us, we have much less time to galavant around town, so this year I had to come up with some fun things we could do at home or in our yard after school, saving the big investment stuff (time-wise) for weekends and half days (we have a half-day every Wednesday…don’t ask).

Anywho, I’ve popped in 41 fun things to do with kids in celebration of this glorious season (happens to be my fave).  Hope you add some of these things to your Fall bucket list too!


Since I’m all about food, I’ll star with fun things to do with kids in the kitchen. Baking is the obvious (and, I’m including a ton of fall foods perfect for baking with your kiddos below), but there are tons of other things you can do to satisfy your inner foodie and keep your kiddo stoked about the Fall festivities.

41 Fun things to do with kids

  • Fall family Pot Luck! Ask everyone to come up with an easy dish to “bring” to family dinner night. Older kids can make some colorful pasta, and younger kids can make microwave veggies or dessert (maybe purple grape + blackberry kabobs?).
  • Make these sugar free, grain-free apple cider donut muffins.

Low Carb Apple Cider Donut Muffins

  • Make popcorn balls and eat them with your favorite Halloween Movie (my 5-year-old loved Hotel Transilvania!)
  • Make apple crisp, apple sauce and apple butter (stay tuned for my “healthier” version recipes!)
  • Make these easy, peasy sugar-free, grain-free pumpkin spice muffins

Sugar Free Pumpkin Spice Muffins

  • Steam some hot milk and sprinkle it with pumpkin spice (or a few Halloween themed sprinkles!)
  • Don’t forget these Hot Dog Mummies!  I made them last year and they were the cutest things ever.  Here’s the recipe I used.


Sometimes you just need to get out of the house (especially when you’re stuck inside for too long on those cold, rainy, fall days). Here are a bunch of fun things to do with kids via a quick trip in the car (or, if you’re feeling adventurous, a complete day out on the open road).

  • Visit the pumpkin patch and “adopt” the ugliest pumpkins you can find!
  • Visit the apple farm (you need apples for all of those recipes you’re gonna make!)
  • Visit the zoo wearing your favorite animal ears (check your local zoo’s website to see what Fall activities they have going on. Some do a “trick or treat” with the animals or zoo-brew for grown ups…wink-wink).

  • Visit a haunted house (just don’t bring me because I’m terrified)
  • Go on a hayride and finish up with a Corn Maze
  • Get pumpkin ice cream! Most local ice cream shops serve seasonal flavors like pumpkin spice, salted caramel, and apple pie. OMG.
  • Visit an indoor waterpark. Not really Fally, but definitely something totally unique and fun to do when it’s too cold to be outside!
  • Visit an indoor trampoline park on a rainy day.
  • Visit a museum you don’t usually go to (check their event schedule to see if you can wear costumes!)
  • Visit a historic Halloween venue or city (we live a few miles from Salem, MA which is INSANE at holiday time)

41 Fun things to do with kids

  • Attend your local harvest fest!  Most cities have them!
  • Visit a farm or two.  We love hitting up farms in the Fall.  The animals are super happy and active because they are no longer sweltering in the Summer heat!
  • Schedule an outdoor fall photoshoot and bring Fall photo props!
  • Visit a farm stand and pick up some local honey. Drizzle a little on some fresh apple slices :


As I mentioned above, our timing has changed considerably since our kiddo started Kindergarten this year.  We get home by 3 most days (Wednesdays 1pm) so there isn’t much time to venture (we live North of Boston and traffic is a literal nightmare).  So, this year our bucket list is filled with fun things we can do close to home.  They don’t take much time to get to (bonus) and, if your kids are old enough, you can send them off on their own with friends while you kick your heels up with a Pumpkin Spice Latte Cupcake (sugar-free and low carb for the win, Mama!).

41 Fun things to do with kids

  • Go for a hike and collect things for Fall Crafts (leaves, acorns, pinecones, etc).
  • Hop on and go for a bike ride to check out your neighbor’s Fall decorations!
  • Decorate the yard for Fall!  We just hit up our local Farm store and picked up Mums and pumpkins for our front steps.
  • Create a Fall themed scavenger huntEtsy has some printable ones if you’re too busy to think it up yourself!
  • Make a fire in your backyard and stargazeHere’s a calendar that maps out the best night to see cool stuff.
  • While you’re at it, you should probably roast s’ mores.  Here’s a huge list of flavor combos we tried this Summer (OMG).
  • Do some Fall gardening! BH&G created a post to help you decide what to plant.


Sometimes you just wanna stay inside.  One of the things I get asked for in my reader surveys are fun things to do with kids indoors, including crafts. While I’m pretty crafty, I don’t post much content ideas surrounding that (did I mention Food is my thang?).  Even so, my kiddo and I do a bunch of crafty things together, so I’m linking up to some great things I’ve found on Pinterest, along with a few of my own ideas 🙂

41 Fun things to do with kids

  • Decorate the house!  My kiddo starts asking to decorate for Halloween in July.  We have a hard and fast “no decorating until September 15th” rule (September 14th is the hubs bday).
  • Host Halloween movie night each week until the big day arrives.  Here’s a great, family-friendly Halloween movie list.  Here’s a list of Thanksgiving Movies too.
  • Read Halloween books daily (and Thanksgiving when the time comes).  We love Room on the Broom and Halloween Goodnight!
  • Create leaf rubbings with crayons and leaves from the yard
  • Sort your beads into Halloween colors and make necklaces!

  • Paint a giant pumpkin and add a bunch of sequins to make it sparkle.
  • Pick up a few craft kits at your local craft store!  I make it a habit to purchase 10 of them or so at the end of each season (it typically ends up costing me under $5 bucks because everything is 70-90 percent off!).
  • Make Thanksgiving party favorsThese ones are so fun!
  • Make mini ghosts and hang them around the house
  • A paper bat wall is on my bucket list.

41 Fun things to do with kids

41 Fun things to do with kids


This is a nice size list, but not meant to be THE list to complete (who’s got time for that??).  My suggestion is to pick a few of your faves from the list, look at your calendar, schedule them and make a plan.  You can always refer back to this post anytime you’re looking for fun things to do with kids at home or on the go. First bucket list item for us?  Try to figure out how to make low carb, grain-free, no sugar added apple crisp.  Enjoy!

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