Monday Meal Prep, Links + Love

October is in full swing, and I’ve got TONS of meal prep and Fall lovin’ on the blog.  This week I’m sharing a delicious, easy meal plan to keep you full and fueled as you navigate jobs and school drop-offs, and sports drop-offs and….OMG, there is so much going on right now, isn’t’ there? Let’s do it.

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We hit up the state fair this weekend and had THE MOST FUN.  The kiddo rode rides, and won cheap stuffies and OMG, the food.  I totally forgot how much food is at the fair!

Monday Meal Prep Links + Love (October 7)

Monday Links + Love (October 7)

While we indulged a little bit (it’s totally normal to smuggle fried Oreos out in your purse right?), we didn’t get too crazy.  This bacon on a stick was magic on a stick and the sweet potato fries were incredible (I seldom eat sweet potato and forgot how much I missed it!).  Treats in moderation are the best kind!

Monday Links + Love (October 7) Monday Links + Love (October 7)

My latest loves…


  1. This mug.  Hello!
  2. My favorite Fall scrub – can’t shower without it guys!
  3. This Mom’s mission to teach her boys about how to be better friends with “period supplies”.
  4. These top kid’s toys for 2019! Holiday shopping is just around the corner.  MAJOR gift guides coming your way from Moi!
  5. The purple drink.  It’s seasonally inappropriate but impossibly delish!
  6. I need an Instant Pot – these 12 amazing soups for Fall are instant pot dishes.
  7. Abdominable looks so cute!  Definitely going to take the kiddo to see this soon.
  8. Just picked up this Coffee from Target.  Cinnamon.  Vanilla.  Dreamy.
  9. THIS CEREAL (sorry for the yelling, but guys…). It’s nostalgic, sugar-free, grain-free and pretty much my new favoritest thing. I’ve tried the Frosted ones. On a mission to try all the flavors 🙂
  10. And, lastly – This guy playing the cello to mainstream music like a boss. He’s…shall we say…eccentric? Just watch.


Since our oven broke last week, we ended up eating tons of meals from KettleBell Kitchen.  They were a lifesaver and kept us eating healthy forrrrr the most part (see Oreo’s smuggled in purse above – oops!).  The meals were totally delish and definitely something I put on the menu again this week to supplement (the schedule for this week is insanity and also my oven is STILL broken, so the meal plan below is from a previous week).

Low Carb Cinnamon Roll Muffins (Sugar-free Grain-free & Keto friendly)

Back to Kettlebell for a hot second – I was stoked to give this meal delivery service a try because the food is fresh (no prep for you and not frozen!) and the price per dish is actually pretty reasonable (here’s a 20% off coupon if you want to give em’ a try: KBKJENNY.  You get 20% off your first THREE meals!).  I’m not including the KBK meals in the meal plan below.  But, if you are looking to supplement any of this out with something else, they are definitely worth trying!

This Week’s Meal Plan Quick List (full details + recipe link-ups below)

MONDAY (b) Cinnamon Roll Muffins (l) Baked Caprese Chicken (d) One-pan Sausage with Roasted Radishes (treat) Pumpkin Spice Latte Cupcakes

TUESDAY (b) Paleo Toaster Waffles (l) One Pan Sausage with Roasted Radishes (d) Roasted Veggie + Goat Cheese Salad (treat )PSL cupcakes

WEDNESDAY (b) Cinnamon Roll Muffins (l) Baked Caprese Chicken (d) Pizza Stuffed Peppers (treat) Pumpkin Spice Latte Cupcakes

THURSDAY (b) Paleo Waffles (l) Pizza Stuffed Peppers (d) Roasted Salmon with Coconut Cauliflower Rice (treat ) PSL cupcakes

These Garlic Parm Roasted Radishes taste just like potatoes

FRIDAY (b) Cinnamon Roll Muffins (l) Baked Caprese Chicken (d) Ham and Cheese Roll-Ups (treat) Pumpkin Spice Latte Cupcakes

SATURDAY leftovers for breakfast + lunch. Tacos for dinner!

Easy peasy low carb ham and cheese roll-ups

SUNDAY Meal prep + plan!

Baking Tips

Meal prep and planning changes for me depending upon each week’s schedule.  Some weeks, I cook everything on Sunday.  Others (like last week), I break it up into 2 days (Sunday and Monday).  This week’s schedule and meal plan is made easiest by cooking a little every day.  Here’s what I mean…

Sunday (Cinnamon Rolls, PSL Cupcakes and Baked Caprese Chicken): Preheat oven to 350 and prep the batter for your cinnamon roll muffins and pumpkin spice latte cupcakes (if you line up your ingredients and create an assembly line, this should take less than 30 minutes of your time to complete).  If you have two muffin tins, prep each in a separate muffin tin and bake together (on the same rack, center) for 15 minutes.  They probably won’t be done at this point, so rotate your pans and bake an additional 5 minutes.  When a toothpick comes out clean, you’re good to go. You can transfer the muffins from the tins to a cooling rack within about 5 minutes or so.  While your muffins are baking, prep your Caprese chicken.  When the muffins are done, crank the oven up to 400 and follow the instructions to bake your chicken. Stick the muffins/cupcakes in airtight containers (this one works great, especially after you frost the cupcakes) and store in the fridge (you’ll frost them tomorrow!). Break your chicken dish into separate lunch containers (these are my jam) and store in fridge for MWF lunches!

Monday (Sausage/Roasted Radishes, Frost your PSL’s): Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Wash and prep your radishes, laying them out on a baking dish.  Slice your chicken sausage into small “bites” and distribute between the radishes on the pan. Roast for 40-45 minutes.  If you don’t want your sausage “crispy”, wait until the radishes have roasted 20 minutes and add the sausage for the final 20.  While dinner is baking, whip up your buttercream frosting and frost your dessert!  You can store the finished cupcakes in the fridge for the week!  Make sure you make enough sausage and veggies for lunch tomorrow (store in airtight containers) and grab before you head off to work Tuesday 🙂

Tuesday (Roasted Veggie + Goat Cheese Salad):  Breakfast is easy with these Paleo Waffles and sugar-free syrup. You made lunch last night for dinner, so you’re good to go there!  When dinner time rolls around, preheat your oven to 400, wash and prep your zucchini and cherry tomatoes and roast them for 40. Once it’s done, plop some arugula in a bowl, add your roasted veggies, a little goat cheese, and a few almonds and boom!  You’re done!

Oven-Baked Everything But the Bagel Zucchini Chips

Wednesday (Pizza Stuffed Peppers) These things are super easy to make.  About 10 minutes prep (if that?) and roast for 40. Eat them for dinner and store the leftovers in containers for lunch tomorrow.

Thursday (Salmon + Coconut Cauliflower Rice): Dinner will be ready in 30 minutes!  We use Frozen salmon, so I stick them in a bowl of water for like, 20 minutes before we bake them. When thawed, stick your salmon in a glass baking dish. Drizzle with a little EVOO or melted butter, add your favorite seasoning (I’m married to Everything But the Bagel, no seriously I use it for everything) and bake for 20 minutes (or to desired taste).  While that’s on the make, stick a bag of frozen cauliflower in the microwave and when done, add your coconut oil and coconut milk!  That’s all folks!

10-minute coconut cauliflower rice sugar-free dairy-free gluten-free

Friday (Ham and Cheese Roll-Ups):  I like my Friday meals to feel like I’m eating something naughty.  Last week we made these Pizza Roll-Ups and this week is all about Ham and Cheese 🙂  It will take you less than 30 to make and bake.  Like, you’ll be eating them in 30 minutes-ish.  HAPPY WEEKEND!


Here’s one of the lunches we made this week: Nitrate Free Pepperoni, Mozzarella Cheese stick, Sugar Snap Peas, Veggies Made Great Chocolate Veggie Muffins, Stonyfield Yogurt Smoothie, Blackberries + Raspberries. I’m posting TONS of school safe lunch ideas on the blog Wednesday, so STAY TUNED. Follow @kiddoandsoul on Instagram and check out my highlights to see what we’re packing each day (lots of ideas there!). And, make sure you subscribe to my email to get an email once the school safe lunch post goes live 🙂


I have so many easy meal prep recipes coming to the blog this month! Stay tuned for…

  • Broccoli + Cheese Soup – coming this week! 
  • Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Peppers – coming this week!
  • Almond Butter + Jelly Muffins
  • Cauliflower Au Gratin + Rotisserie Chicken Casserole
  • Taco Stuffed Peppers
  • Pumpkin Zoodles
  • Coconut encrusted Chicken Tenders with Cilantro Lime Cauliflower Rice

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Monday Meal Prep Links + Love (October 7)

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Hope you find these meal prep tips and recipes useful this week 🙂 Happy October!


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