My name is Jenny.  I’m 25 years old…just kidding, I’m almost 40.  But like a really young 40.  The kind that doesn’t have one single grey hair and is never tired by 9pm.  I’m a real party animal.

I live in a pretty amazing 1830 historical home in a quaint little North Shore suburb of Boston.  I share it with my hubby who happens to be a totally goodlookin’, super cool scientist dude who can fix virtually anything.  Thank god, because I break virtually EVERYTHING.  We’re going 8 years strong and I’ve learned a lot from him over the years.  I can define a plasmid, tell you where the closest lego store is, and name almost all of the Star Wars characters when prompted.  This is a huge deal considering that when I met him I didn’t even know that “Hans Olo” was really “Han Solo”.  And, I mean…how would I have ever survived without this knowledge?

Here's everything you need to know about Kiddo and Sou!

We have the sweetest and spiciest little 2.5 year old, who lights up our world and exhausts us completely.  When she’s 20, I’ll be Grandma age, which means she’ll be walking down the aisle and I’ll be knitting doilies for my walker. Just kidding…I have no clue how to knit!

Her best friend in life, is one of my best friends in life – our cat, Bunzy Boo – a 22 pound Maine Coone who loves to sleep all day, and pretend her food bowl is empty 24-7.  She sleeps on top of me (like, ON TOP OF ME) every single night and I have no clue what I’d do without her.


Kiddo & Soul is a lifestyle blog designed to share awesome products, subscriptions, food, kid stuff, funny experiences and everything else that feeds your soul.  That sounds so formal, doesn’t it?  Here’s the “keepin’ it real version:

I like to keep things simple. I have a treasure trove of places I like to shop and thus created a Shopping Directory so we (that’s you and me) have one, simple place to link up to awesome products and brands.

I have a subscription box addiction.  And, it’s bad.  Like really bad.  There was a time in my former life when I would have 10-15 boxes stacked taller than me in my living room.  To be fair, I’m only 5 foot-ish tall and I was reviewing boxes for my former blog 5-style-high.  But, it was mayhem. Beautiful, boxity meyhem.  I’ve built a new and improved Subscription Box Directory and update it weekly.  There are larger subscription box lists out there, but honestly, I want this subscription box directory to be all about what I’m personally drawn to, not just a running list of everything out there.   It’s still going to be huge, though.  So, check back often.

This is a huge list of subscription boxes that is updated weekly.

I have a semi-unhealthy relationship with donuts (and cupcakes…and pretty much anything that’s naughty).  Just check out this post and you’ll see what I’m sayin’.   I am trying to live a healthy lifestyle, but I won’t lie, It’s an uphill battle.  I turn over new leaves pretty much every Monday.  But, I’ll never give up on my dreams of having my hottest bod at 40.  And, I’ll never ever abandoned my sweet tooth.  I love her so.

I want to make money blogging.  Don’t be alarmed, but there are a million and one ways to monetize blogs these days and, speaking from experience, blogs are hard (like really hard and time consuming) work.  When I started blogging last time around I didn’t know about the “making money blogging” part until after I had begun.  This time, I’m in the know and am totally using that knowledge to propel this little piece of internet real estate into a money making machine.  And, guess what?  I am going to share how I do it as I navigate through the peaks and valleys of this incredible journey, because if I’m making money doing something I’m passionate about, I want to teach you how to do it to.

I’m silly, I’m driven, I’m passionate and I’m excited.  Re-inventing my passion for blogging and deciding to turn it into a business has ignited something incredible inside my soul.  It’s exhausting and satisfying and scary and right were I need to be right now.

Let’s do this.