My name is Jenny.  I’m 25 years old…just kidding, I just turned 41.  But like a really young 41.  The kind that doesn’t have one single grey hair and is never tired by 9pm.  I’m a real party animal.

I live in a pretty amazing 1830 historical home in a quaint little North Shore suburb of Boston.  I share it with my hubby who happens to be a totally goodlookin’, super cool scientist dude who can fix virtually anything.  Thank god, because I break virtually EVERYTHING.  We’re going 10 years strong and I’ve learned a lot from him over the years.  I can define a plasmid, tell you where the closest Lego store is, and name almost all of the Star Wars characters when prompted.  This is a huge deal considering that when I met him I didn’t even know that “Hans Olo” was really “Han Solo”.  And, I mean…how would I have ever survived without this knowledge?

Here's everything you need to know about Kiddo and Sou!

We have the sweetest and spiciest little 4 year old, who lights up our world and exhausts us completely.  When she’s 20, I’ll be Grandma age, which means she’ll be walking down the aisle and I’ll be knitting doilies for my walker.

Just kidding…I have no clue how to knit!

Our two kitty-babes (Cocoa & Chewie) completed our family just 1 year ago and I couldn’t imagine our world without them.  They are basically two little fur-jerks who meander around the house scratching things and begging for food.  But their snuggles and purrs?  The best.  THE. BEST.

I started blogging so many years ago, and boy has my life in the blog-o-verse changed over the years.  Although its incredibly tiring sometimes, I feel so lucky to have this little piece of internet real estate to share the things that feed my soul (and hopefully yours too).

I have a semi-unhealthy relationship with donuts (and cupcakes…and pretty much anything that’s naughty).  I am trying to live a healthy lifestyle, but I won’t lie, It’s an uphill battle.  I turn over new leaves pretty much every Monday.  But, I’ll never give up on my dreams of having my hottest bod at 41.  And, I’ll never ever abandoned my sweet tooth.  I love her so.

I’m silly, I’m driven, I’m passionate and I’m real.

I hope you’ll jump on the crazy train with me and stick around a while.  It might get weird.  Just go with it.