Here is a growing list of blogs I adore.

Here’s a quick trip to some souls I heart so much!


Healthy B Daily (here): Your funny, sometimes inappropriate guide to divorce, dating, sex, addiction, mental health and more. These are real topics for all women and men dealing with life.


Simply Taralynn (here):  I’ve been following Taralynn for several years.  She’s way younger than me, but also way smarter when it comes to health and fitness.  Has awesome recipes and provides work out inspiration!


Wonderlass (here): Allison is the fabulous chick-a-dee who sent me the free stock photo above AND she’s like, my newest and favoritest blog mentor.    She also has an awesome Facebook Group for Creative Superheros that has been a breath of fresh air.  Tons of awesome women sharing tips and supporting each other through business and blog ownership.


Blunt Moms (here):  This site showcases awesome posts from awesome moms.  Love.

Cat & Nat (here):  Um, if you want to laugh…watch these hilarious videos.

Daddy Doin’ Work (here): Doyin’ staked his claim to fame when he posted a pic of himself doing his daughters hair while baby wearing his other little sweet pea.  He’s pretty awesome.  Even if he is a boy.


Living in Yellow (here):  If you like outfits, with prices and size notes Erin is your girl.   Her style is simplistic and clissic.

The Mom Edit (here).  They “rock a mean sneaker while rocking a baby”.  I’m obsessed with this site.

The Mother Chic (here):  Lindsey posts about fashion, parenting and food.  Awesome outfit inspiration!

This Charming Life (here): The daily life + style blog of Kaelah Bee.  She’s funky.  I heart her.