NATIONAL INFERTILITY AWARENESS WEEK OUR IFV JOURNEYGuys!!  So, we’re doin’ it.  We’re diving headfirst into the ketogenic diet and I’ll be sharing the journey here for those of you who are looking for info, want to know what it’s all about, what it feels like, and everything in between (keep scrolling down for links to the week by week updates)

Since we decided to start this keto journey, I’ve been doing tons of research.  So, I’ll be compiling that all here for you as we go.  There are amazing blogs, groups and other resources that have helped me get the ball rolling.  And, more so – doing the legwork (research) before starting the diet officially has helped me understand exactly what I’m getting myself in to…we’ll “we”…what “we’re” getting ourselves into, because the hubs is doing it too.

He’s a fancy scientist (with a background in immunology and biology) so I trust his research wholeheartedly.  He dives headfirst into the science I’ll never pretend to understand, which makes this whole process even easier.

Disclaimer:  We are not nutritionists or experts in the field of the health, nutrition or the ketogenic diet.  We are simply two people who are learning to live a keto lifestyle and are sharing what we’ve learned along the way based on our personal opinions.  We encourage anyone wishing to start a keto diet, to do their own research in order to make a sound decision about their own personal health.


If you follow along, you know (at 41) I just embarked upon the lovely joy that is perimenopause.  And, it’s not awesome for me.  While some don’t experience any symptoms at all, my body (who tends to be a total a-hole and does everything the opposite way it should) is experiencing the majority of them – irregular periods, migraines, hot flashes, exhaustion, severe cramping, weight gain for no reason, sleep issues…and the worst – mood swings.  Something that has never been a terrible struggle for me until now.

I have a four-year-old and I am an extremely active and busy person.  I don’t have time for perimenopause or the crapola that comes with it.   I’m hoping the keto diet will help alleviate many, if not all of these symptoms (because perimenopause can last years, people – YEARS!).  The keto diet is used to treat and minimize the effects of epilepsy, cancer, Alzheimer’s, autism, ADHD, PCOS, perimenopause, menopause and more.  I’m so ready to see if it can help me become the best version of myself during this next stage of my life.

We also have struggled with “weekend cheat” dieting.  You know, the kind of diets were you eat whole foods all week, exercise and come the weekend, completely blast your body with sugar and carbs.  We are emotional eaters.  We have stressful lives.  So, we stress eat.

Over the past few years, we’ve used the phrase “let’s eat about it” when we’ve had a bad day or when a celebration comes around.  And, “eating about it” has left us with weight gain, a carb addiction, sugar addiction, poor sleep patterns, low energy, and the list goes on and on and on.

We need something drastic. We need rules.  We need to find accountability in ourselves and not reward ourselves every single time we do good…or bad.  We need to find a healthy balance.  And, in general, after leading very stressful, carb and sugar centric lives, we are ready (so ready) to detox our bodies and become healthier, happier people, with a much healthier and happier relationship with food.

So, here we are.  Embarking upon this magical new lifestyle.  It may not be for everybody, but right now?  It’s for us.  And, we’re stoked.


I’m posting on the blog each week with a written and video recap of what we ate, what we felt and any physical results (such as weight/inches, etc).  I’ll keep the below updated, so check back each week for a new update.





Full six-month update coming soon!  Weight loss results are below.



KETO DIET WEEK 1:   Weight:  down 4 lbs / Inches:  didn’t measure

KETO DIET WEEK 2:  Weight: down 4 lbs total (zero lost this week) / Inches:  12″ lost!

KETO DIET WEEK 3:   Weight:  down 6 lbs total (2 lbs lost this week) / Inches: 17″ lost!

KETO DIET WEEK 4 || ONE MONTH KETO RESULTS!:  Weight:  down 8 lbs total (2 lbs lost this week) / Total Inches:  30″ lost!


Week 5:  Down 9 pounds total (up 1 lb from last week)

Week 6: Down 9 pounds total (nothing lost this week, up 1 lb from week 4)

Week 7: Down 10 pounds total (down 1 lb from last week)

Week 8: Down 11 pounds total (down 1 lb from last week)


Week 9: Down 12 pounds total (down 1 lb from last week) / Total Inches: 30″ lost!

Week 10:  Down 13 pounds total (down 1 lb from last week)

Week 11:  Down 14 pounds total (down 1 lb from last week)

Week 12:  Down 14 pounds total (down 0 lbs from last week)


Week 13: Down 15 pounds total (down 1 lb from last week)

Week 14: Down 15 pounds total (no change)

Week 15: Down 15 pounds total (no change) / Total inches: 33″ lost!  Down 2 pant & shirt sizes!

Week 16: Down 16 pounds total (down 1 lb from last week)


Week 17: Down 17 pounds total (down 1 lb from last week)

Week 18:  Down 18 pounds total (down 1 lb from last week)

Week 19:  Down 17 pounds total (up 1 lb from last week)

Week 20: Down 17 pounds total (no change)


Week 21: Down 17 pounds total (no change)

Week 22: Down 19 pounds total (down 2 lbs from last week)

Week 23: Down 18 pounds total (up 1 lb from last week)

Week 24:  Down 18 pounds total (no change)


Week 25:  Down 20 pounds total (down 2 lbs from last week)

Week 26: Down 20 pounds total (no change)

Week 27: Down 20 pounds total (no change)

Week 28:  Down 20 pounds total (no change)


Week 29: Down 21 pounds total (down 1 lb from last week)

Week 30 Down 21 pounds total (no change) / Total inches:  40″ lost!  Down 3 pant & shirt sizes!




There’s not too much you need to purchase ahead of time to get started, but I’ll include a list of the things we are using here to make it super easy.

  • Specialty Foods & Baking Ingredients: We get our coconut oil, ghee, sugar substitute, coconut and almond flour and other keto friendly foods and snacks from Thrive Market.  Everything there ends up being $2 or so less than at the grocery store or elsewhere.  If you use my link you get 25% off your first order
  • Collagen Protein:  A lot of keto dieters use collagen protein to maintain healthy skin, hair and nails (its also great for workout recovery, protecting your cartilage and bones).  Naked Collagen is grass fed, tasteless and contains only one ingredient!  Super clean and free of all the nasty stuff you don’t want to be sticking in your body!
  • Keto Test Strips:  These are great for the first few weeks to test your ketones and ensure you’re body is doing what it should (AKA, you’re in ketosis).  We like these ones.
  • Magnesium Supplements:  I’m not a huge supplement taker, but these have SAVED. MY. LIFE.  As I mention below, I suffered terrible cramping and restless leg, common for low carb dieters (especially in the beginning).  These ones immediately took them away. I take one before bed and that’s all I need.
  • Digital Scale and Tape Measure:  If you don’t have one, you’ll want one.  At least for the beginning.  I can’t stress how much it helps to measure your results.  You may not see immediate changes in weight but will notice changes in your body measurements.  So, I always do both.  This scale is under $20 bucks and it comes with a body tape measure.  Done and done!
  • Meat Delivery:  Grass-fed meats can get expensive.  We use Karv for meat delivery.  You get it all in one shot and it saves a few bucks (and trips to multiple grocery stores)!
  • Meal Delivery:  Since meal prepping can be super time consuming, we lean to meal delivery services to supplement super hectic weeks.  Factor 75 (get $20 bucks off your first order with my link), Keto Fridge and Metabolic Meals all carry ketogenic meal choices.  We’ve tried them all and have nothing but good things to report!



Changing your way of eating so drastically is going to raise eyebrows.  And, you’re going to get a lot of people that don’t understand, think you’re crazy and everything in between.  BUT, it’s important to make the right decision for you.  And, after researching ourselves, we feel it is the right fit for us.  Some will call it a “fad diet”, but if you actually do the research compared to “fad diets”, it’s hard to find any negatives about the keto way of life, other than the time and effort it takes to keep at it.

We’ve talked to a nutritionist (one who is not for keto, but merely gave us facts), and she even admitted that while studying nutrition, the ketogenic diet was the only so-called “fad” diet, they couldn’t debunk or pick apart for negative health impacts.  Many nutritionists aim for the whole foods eating approach, which makes sense for certain people.  But let us all remember, that all of our bodies are different and respond differently to different diets.  Mine, for one, doesn’t respond well to anything.

I hope keto changes that.


Feel free to email me with questions! If you have a keto-friendly product or service you’d like me to try, you can contact me here.